the schwindt family: lifestyle session

Have you ever wanted to slow down time, to freeze a frame of this crazy thing we call life and remember that moment forever? Sometimes it seems impossible to grasp the beauty of what we do every day because we're down in the trenches, doing the things we as moms (or dads) think no one will ever remember. Although it can no way cover the thousand little (and yet not little at all) things that happen each day, a lifestyle session is a wonderful way to help preserve those precious, day-to-day moments in our memories before they are gone. 

We would be honoured to come alongside you and your family, and act as a fly on the wall of your home. A meal, daily routines, or simply a good romp out in the yard with dad are the perfect opportunities for us to photograph you, and we would love to show you the enormous beauty in them.

Thank you so much, Schwindts, for inviting us into your home to do just that. We treasure the memories made, the moments immortalized. 

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