the hunter family

Honoured. That's the only word we can think of to describe how we felt having been asked to do photos for this family. Jessica is a photographer in the same area as us, and when her email popped up in our inbox, we immediately felt unequal to the task. On the day of the shoot, it looked like we were going to get dumped on, and we were under a severe thunderstorm watch.  But, in true Saskatchewan form, nothing came of it, and we ended up having a really fun shoot with some really gorgeous light! 

Jessica, thanks for seeking us out! Your family was so much fun to interact with and photograph. Check out Jessica's Facebook page to see her mad photography skillz. 

 photo hunterblog12_zps329c31ba.png
hunters 2 photo hunterblog2_zpsb97c43c2.pnghunters 3 photo hunterblog3_zpsb0551499.pnghunters 4 photo hunterblog4_zps9c0bb00f.pnghunters 5 photo hunterblog5_zpsb8ee1e86.pnghunters 6 photo hunterblog6_zps1d0e22b0.pnghunters 7 photo hunterblog7_zpsa7ee11ae.pnghunters 8 photo hunterblog8_zps37f4a46e.pnghunters 9 photo hunterblog9_zpse36c6d7c.pnghunters 10 photo hunterblog10_zps7c3781a4.pnghunters 11 photo hunterblog11_zpscd416fa5.pnghunters 12 photo hunterblog12_zpsf0b679bc.png