in which britney and richard's joy overflows

Richard and Britney's marriage is one that just makes sense. Their personalities are a perfect match. They are both outgoing and compassionate, with a decided fun-loving bent. Throughout the whole wedding day, they calmly stated with a smile, "it will be what it will be!" as we snapped away and scurried as quickly as possible from warm building to warm building. In the moments when the timeframe held no wiggle room and the temptation to fret rose up out of nowhere, Richard was Britney's rock. They faced their wedding day in much the same way as they will face all of life: together.

Britney's morning started surrounded by her friends and her family. It was clear that every person that was crowded in her grandmother's condo meant a very great deal to her.

The whole crew headed over to the beautiful, historic Moffet Place Bed and Breakfast to finish getting ready.  Britney's chosen wedding dress was as elegant as she was!

Britney's two younger sisters made sure everyone's red lips never strayed from matching their stunning red dresses.

Earlier in the day, Britney had put her youngest sister's jewelry on. When the time came, their positions were reversed. It was such a tender moment!

Britney's eyes welled up with tears as she gazed out at the snowy landscape. "It's just such a great day!" she said, and we agreed heartily.

She could not have been any more beautiful!
Her maids gathered around her, helping with every little thing, Britney found it easy to relax and enjoy every moment.

In what felt like a matter of moments, it was time to head to the church for the ceremony. There were only a few minutes to snag some food, take a deep breath, and shake off some jitters before Britney was escorted down the aisle by her father.

Shortly after the ceremony, friends and family gathered around to spend some time in sincere prayer for them as they started their new life together. 

The weather may have been on the frozen side, but looking at both Britney and Richard's beautiful families, we really couldn't tell!

Britney's theme for her wedding was sophisticated style and elegance. Can we just all agree that she accomplished it?!

The Moffet Place provided the perfect location to warm up and take some more bridal party photos. And, by the way, we have NEVER worked with groomsmen this tall! We felt pretty short that day. ;)

The girls were most definitely happy to be photographed in comfort.
With the bridal party photos done, we shooed everyone out to let our newlyweds have a private moment together... with two clicking cameras, of course. ;)

The reception was held at the Royal Legion, which was decorated with gold and red accents, and wintery elements. Very romantic, indeed!

The rest of the evening was filled with joyous celebration, big laughs, sincere smiles, and happy tears.

Britney and Richard, we hope that as this new chapter of your lives unfolds, you will grow together in such a way that you truly feel as though you are one flesh. It is our hope that you will draw close to Christ and be conformed to His image. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for allowing us into this exceedingly special and pivotal day in your lives.